Frequently Asked Questions

Bashify is an online image and file sharing service. Bashify is completely free and offers unlimited hosting without restrictions. Bashify is an excellent alternative to popular sharing sites like Imgur, Postimages and Ufile.

Yes. Any file type can be uploaded. There is a limit of 100 MB for each file. The limit can be raised if needed, please get in touch with us using "Contact us" below.

Use the deletion code that was provided when you uploaded your image/file. Then navigate to and type the code to delete your image. If you have lost your code please get in touch with us for assistance.

Auto expire means that your image will remain available as long as someone views it within one month time. If the image is viewed, the counter is reset to one month. When the image has not been viewed for one month it will be deleted and the link will no longer show the image. If this does not fit your needs, you can make your image available up to one year. If you need longer availability, please get in touch with us and we will find a solution.

Exif metadata is stripped off and removed from every uploaded image. This is to ensure your anonymity. This can be verified by running the exiftool on an image:

exiftool my-bashify-image.png

In most cases we don't compress images in order for them to not loose quality. There is small optimization applied for very large photos, which is not noticeable.

Unlisted means that you are the only one that knows about the image link, versus public exposure which means that your image link will be listed on our page for public images.

Please note that porn or other explicit content is not allowed in public exposure.

No, this will not work since the web server looks for info in the referral field. However, if you need to do this for some reason please contact us using the link below and we will find a solution.

We support all the common image formats such as PNG, WEBP, GIF and JPEG. We even support vector formats such as SVG and PSD.

All uploads are anonymous since there is no registration or signup, but using Tor is not allowed due to abuse. Any image uploaded through Tor is automatically deleted using an updated list of Tor exit nodes.