About Bashify.io

Bashify.io is developed to enable smooth, uncluttered and uncomplicated image uploads and link sharing. Our goal is to use the power of the link to help dissipate the millions of pixels that constitute an image.

Examples of features that we provide:

  • 100% free!
  • No registration or signup needed
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Automatic rotation of photos
  • Support for multiple different image formats (even PDF files!)
  • Images can be private, public, or password protected
  • A deletion code offers a simple and quick way to delete images
  • Keep track of number of times an image is shown
  • We are ad free!
  • Images can be uploaded using a direct image URL or through a file

The service will always be free and simple. Comments or Suggestions? Please get in touch with us at developer@bashify.io or use the contact form.