Secure shell (SSH) terminals in your browser

Quickly connect to remote servers through SSH from within your browser. Secure and persistent SSH connections. Save sessions and return later. Share SSH sessions easily and quickly with a link. Access SSH from public computers or behind a firewall or proxy. Try now for free!


Use SSH from anywhere.

A web frontend for your terminal

With, your web browser becomes your terminal window, wherever you are. Completely installation-free and lives in the web browser!

Using a system without $terminal_app but still having access to a web browser? turns your web browser into a powerful Unix terminal.

Sessions are saved

Keep all your SSH sessions ready to be restored at any time regardless of your connection.


End-to-end encryption protects all your sessions. All data are stored using GNU Privacy Guard.

How does it work?

Let's say you want to use SSH and connect to the imaginary In your favorite browser you navigate to, perform login, and then you enter your personal dashboard page.

At the dashboard, you type the details of Your browser will then connect to the backend, which uses Secure Websockets (WSS) to communicate to port 8080. Thus, it is important that your system allows outgoing connection on this port.

The backend then connects to over SSH and maintains the actual connection. The connection is rendered in your browser using the javascript library Xterm.js