Upload images and files for free

Bashify is a free web service that can be used to post images, short videos or other files and get links for Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums.

Option 1: Upload using the box below

Use the box below to drop your files or click in the box to select images or files. There is no registration or sign-up. You can upload multiple items at the same time and receive one link for each item. All uploads are anonymous.

Click or drop files here to upload

For images, any image format is supported (for example: png, jpeg, gif, webp)

Error! Foo Bar.

Option 2: Upload from the command line using the API

Our convenient API allows uploading images or files from your terminal window. For example:

curl --form meta='{"exposure": "public", "expiration": "auto"}' \
     --form 'file=@/home/foobar/images/beautiful_sunset.jpg' \
The above command will upload the image with the path /home/foobar/images/beautiful_sunset.jpg.

The response will be a JSON-formatted string like this:

From the above we can construct URLs: https://bashify.io/images/D5vH4M or https://bashify.io/images/D5vH4M_beautiful_sunset