TLD counts

TLD count desc type
com 5913 Commercial organizations generic
net 1574 Network generic
de 797 Germany (Federal Republic of) country-code
it 302 Italy (Italian Republic) country-code
eu 264 European Union country-code
pl 250 Poland (Republic of) country-code
ru 238 Russia (Russian Federation) country-code
fr 225 France (French Republic) country-code
nl 155 Netherlands country-code
uk 139 United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) country-code
se 126 Sweden (Kingdom of) country-code
at 99 Austria (Republic of) country-code
cz 73 Czech Republic country-code
ch 73 Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) country-code
ro 71 Romania country-code
tr 71 Turkey (Republic of) country-code
es 65 Spain (Kingdom of) country-code
be 52 Belgium (Kingdom of) country-code
fi 47 Finland (Republic of) country-code
org 43 Non-profit organizations generic
hu 41 Hungary country-code
ua 35 Ukraine country-code
pt 32 Portugal (Portuguese Republic) country-code
gr 27 Greece (Hellenic Republic) country-code
bg 27 Bulgaria (Republic of) country-code
host 25 DotHost Inc. generic
edu 25 Educational establishments sponsored
cloud 23 ARUBA PEC S.p.A. generic
dk 22 Denmark (Kingdom of) country-code
br 21 Brazil (Federative Republic of) country-code
no 20 Norway (Kingdom of) country-code
ca 20 Canada country-code
kz 19 Kazakhstan (Republic of) country-code
sk 19 Slovakia (Slovak Republic) country-code
lt 18 Lithuania (Republic of) country-code
md 17 Moldova (Republic of) country-code
info 15 Informational sites generic
io 15 British Indian Ocean Territory country-code
il 14 Israel (State of) country-code
us 12 United States of America and United States Minor Outlying Islands country-code
arpa 12 Address and Routing Parameter Area infrastructure
hr 9 Croatia (Republic of) country-code
online 9 DotOnline Inc. generic
rs 9 Serbia (Republic of) country-code
vn 8 Vietnam (Socialist Republic of) country-code
ie 8 Ireland (Republic of) country-code
co 7 Colombia (Republic of) country-code
pro 7 Profession generic-restricted
ee 7 Estonia (Republic of) country-code
me 7 Montenegro country-code
jp 7 Japan country-code
xyz 7 XYZ.COM LLC generic
ir 6 Iran (Islamic Republic of) country-code
one 6 A/S generic
biz 6 Business generic-restricted
is 5 Iceland country-code
su 5 Soviet Union (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) country-code
cn 5 China (People's Republic of) country-code
ar 5 Argentina (Argentine Republic) country-code
si 5 Slovenia (Republic of) country-code
hosting 4 Uniregistry, Corp. generic
cl 4 Chile (Republic of) country-code
cy 4 Cyprus (Republic of) country-code
wf 4 Wallis and Futuna (Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands) country-code
in 4 India (Republic of) country-code
site 4 DotSite Inc. generic
deltahost-ptr 4
club 4 .CLUB DOMAINS, LLC generic
mx 4 Mexico (United Mexican States) country-code
by 4 Belarus (Republic of) country-code
live 3 United TLD Holdco Ltd. generic
tw 3 Taiwan (Republic of China) country-code
th 3 Thailand (Kingdom of) country-code
email 3 Binky Moon, LLC generic
click 3 Uniregistry, Corp. generic
dev 3 Charleston Road Registry Inc. generic
am 3 Armenia (Republic of) country-code
cat 3 Catalan sponsored
localhost 3
ovh 3 OVH SAS generic
au 3 Australia (Commonwealth of) country-code
network 3 Binky Moon, LLC generic
ps 2 Palestine (State of) country-code
app 2 Charleston Road Registry Inc. generic
art 2 UK Creative Ideas Limited generic
mt 2 Malta (Republic of) country-code
lu 2 Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of) country-code
ma 2 Morocco country-code
az 2 Azerbaijan (Republic of) country-code
lb 2 Lebanon (Lebanese Republic) country-code
mk 2 Macedonia (Republic of) country-code
ws 2 Samoa (Independent State of) country-code
lv 2 Latvia (Republic of) country-code
xn--p1ai 2
cc 2 Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Territory of the) country-code
work 2 Top Level Domain Holdings Limited generic
hamburg 2 Hamburg Top-Level-Domain GmbH generic
hk 2 Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China) country-code
pk 2 Pakistan (Islamic Republic of) country-code
id 2 Indonesia (Republic of) country-code
neustar 2 NeuStar, Inc. generic
tech 2 Dot Tech LLC generic
space 2 DotSpace Inc. generic
uy 2 Uruguay (Oriental Republic of) country-code
53 1
hv21 1
name 1 Individuals generic-restricted
82 1
69 1
mobi 1 Mobile generic
digital 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
sa 1 Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of) country-code
cv 1 Cape Verde (Republic of) country-code
localdomain 1
101 1
shop 1 GMO Registry, Inc. generic
pl-snapshoted 1
ly 1 Libya country-code
gg 1 Guernsey (Bailiwick of) country-code
training 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
ninja 1 United TLD Holdco Ltd. generic
tv 1 Tuvalu country-code
top 1 Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. generic
no-data 1
ru-now 1
net-2018 1
kg 1 Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic) country-code
expert 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
win 1 First Registry Limited generic
ga 1 Gabon (Gabonese Republic) country-code
ovea 1
works 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
solutions 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
217 1
ad 1 Andorra (Principality of) country-code
20 1
mc 1 Monaco (Principality of) country-code
uz 1 Uzbekistan (Republic of) country-code
aero 1 Air-transport industry sponsored
blog 1 Knock Knock WHOIS There, LLC generic
pw 1 Palau (Republic of) country-code
kd 1
ba 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina country-code
6-s-2vcpu-4gb-lon1-01 1
life 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
invalid 1
nu 1 Niue country-code
do 1 Dominican Republic country-code
gov 1 US government sponsored
kojostudios 1
py 1 Paraguay (Republic of) country-code
147 1
ssicloudserver 1
sx 1 Sint Maarten country-code
sh 1 Saint Helena country-code
reverse-dns 1
pm 1 Saint Pierre and Miquelon country-code
gift 1 Uniregistry, Corp. generic
ge 1 Georgia country-code
partners 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
games 1 United TLD Holdco Ltd. generic
al 1 Albania (Republic of) country-code
systems 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
vip 1 Minds + Machines Group Limited generic
ph 1 Philippines (Republic of the) country-code
global 1 Dot Global Domain Registry Limited generic
net-ams311-s-1vcpu-1gb-ams3-01 1
04 1
tc 1 Turks and Caicos Islands country-code
cw 1 CuraƧao (Country of) country-code
fo 1 Faroe Islands country-code
int 1 International treaty-based organizations sponsored
local 1
26 1
studio 1 United TLD Holdco Ltd. generic
rocks 1 United TLD Holdco, LTD. generic
eg 1 Egypt (Arab Republic of) country-code
mz 1 Mozambique (Republic of) country-code
market 1 United TLD Holdco, Ltd generic
store 1 DotStore Inc. generic
zone 1 Binky Moon, LLC generic
kw 1 Kuwait (State of Kuwait) country-code
nz 1 New Zealand country-code