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How it works

Yes, connections are end-to-end encrypted using TLS. The certificate is provided by Let's Encrypt.

Yes. SSH keys and passwords are encrypted with 256 bit AES. It's important that you choose a strong passphrase, which is used to generate the encryption key.

Account & Billing

Payment processing is securely handled through Stripe.

For free trial you need to confirm your e-mail (check your spam folder as well). For a paid subscription, you don't need to.

Yes, please contact us for assistance with this.


You can use either. But the recommended way is to use SSH keys with a strong password. A pair of SSH keys are generated with a command like: ssh-keygen -f foobar-key -t rsa -b 4096

Our tech stack is based on open source components, of which the most important are: nginx, xterm.js, php, bootstrap, mysql, node.js.

There is a known issue with chrome version 94. Try upgrading to a newer Chrome version (>=96).

Chrome version (>=96) or Firefox. Your network must allow outgoing connections on port 8080.
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